Vehicle set ups

The 79 Series dual cab – Finishing Touches (Part IV)

The finishing touches can make all the difference to the comfort and effectiveness of a touring vehicle.  After getting the canopy built around ‘an idea’, and […]

The 79 series Electrical System build (Part III)

The electrical system The electrical system on any remote touring vehicle is really what makes or breaks things when it comes to ‘ease of usability and […]

The 79 series dual cab build (part II)

The 79 series Dual Cab build (part II) So what was I looking for in a canopy?  Versatility and ease of use I guess.  Along with […]

Secondary fuel filter install on Land Rover Defender 2.4l TD Puma 2010 Model

With all the potential risk out there of receiving a tank load of poor quality diesel, particularly from a remote service station, I started to research […]